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Board Diversity Statement


IGI’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace begins with setting the tone from the top, starting with the Board of Directors, whose governance criteria include a Board Diversity Policy. We acknowledge that good governance principles and sustainable development require independence, transparency, flexibility and diversity at Board level. One of the main responsibilities of the Nomination and Renumeration Committee is identifying, evaluating, and selecting candidates for the Board using objective criteria. The Board strives to ensure that its membership reflects diversity in its broadest sense. A combination of culture, demographics, skills, experience, race, age, gender, educational and professional background are important for providing a range of perspectives to overcome challenges, improve business performance, and support good decision making.

The Board and its committees undertake an annual performance evaluation. This evaluation meticulously considers, inter alia, the diversified representation of Board Members and committee members and assesses their balance of skills, experience and knowledge of IGI’s governance framework. This system fosters a culture that continuously strives to achieve the highest potential to fulfill our vision, objectives and values.